Tuesday, April 16th, 2013


New Jersey Real Estate Guys is a small group of highly experienced licensed real estate agents with Wiechert Realtors.  Founder, Scott Allan has built a team of skilled professionals with diverse backgrounds utilizing each agent’s specific skills in assisting in each transaction, resulting in the most favorable outcome for our clients.  Our innovative and cutting edge business model is a unique tool our clients use in their search for homes or due diligence on investment property.  Our second to none sub-market analysis is so detailed and precise, that our customers always have peace of mind knowing the true value of their purchase.


A homegrown New Jersey native, Scott has been in real estate since 2003.  Scott is an alum of Montclair State University with a Finance background.  Scott was an All-American baseball player for MSU and followed his college career in professional baseball for 2 years prior to getting into real estate.  Known by his athletic peers and coaches as a very competetive athlete, Scott was able to transition his competetiveness to the real estate industry where he has successfully serviced 2 major markets and has closed over $100 million in transactions in the residential and commercial sectors.

Scott is also currently the Director of Multi-Family Sales & Acquisitions for the prestigious Cushman & Wakefield Commercial Property firm in SW Florida.  He works institutional sales and acquisitions as well as corporate leasing.

Scott was hired in 2005 by Transland Financial, one of the largest privately held banks in the country as National Sales Director of their real estate arm.  During his time, Scott gained valuable knowledge on how the banks think and work behind closed doors.  After the financial collapse, Scott developed the New Jersey Real Estate Guys website which has become one of NJ’s most visited websites for real estate.  Scott has a unique sense for income property where private and institutional investors have used Scott specifically for building their real estate portfolios.  As per the NREIA club members, Scott is one of the most aggressive, yet knowlegable agents around.


Scott Allan’s right hand woman.  Marie is one of Hudson County’s most exceptional real estate professionals.  There is not a single street she doesn’t know and her unique sense of the market makes her our clients top choice in residential real estate listings, purchases, and rentals.  Always on the run, Marie works tirelessly to secure the happiness and success of all of our clients.

Marie’s personality fits with just about any person in the world and her aggressive approach to your needs has been used and appreciated by many.  Marie has achieved Weichert’s Agent of the Month 5 times in the past year.

Scott and Marie have an organized team that can meet just about anyone’s needs.  Give us 1% of your trust, and we’ll earn the rest.  Call us at 877-688-7582.