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Worried about foreclosure backlog in NJ? LOL

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While some buyers and investors continue to sit on the fence and try to fool themselves that we are not in a housing market recovery, they can expect to pay more sooner rather then later and may talk themselves right out of the game.  The statistic itself that New Jersey’s year-to-year foreclosure notices increased by [...]

Multi-Family Florida Investment Opportunity 9.50% Cap Rate New Construction

April 11, 2013 by  
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For those keeping up with out-of-state real estate markets, you’ll always circle around to news and articles pointing to Florida as the prime investment location and where more foreign national and domestic investors are buying there then anywhere else.  Florida’s economy and more importantly its housing market has recovered and is seeing sustainable growth and [...]

Scott Allan joins Cushman & Wakefield – CPSWFL

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In a recent change of events that should intrigue our investors, owner of NJREG and Multi-Family specialist of Weichert Realtors in Hoboken has joined forces with Cushman & Wakefield – Commercial Property SW Florida.  As many of our clients are aware, Scott holds dual licenses in NJ and FL.  A part of our portfolio consulting [...]

Hoboken New Construction | Remodel Multi Family Buildings for Resale

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In Hoboken, NJ, there are residents with deep pockets.  With the median income in Hoboken being one of the highest in the country, investors look to see where they can make a good return by making something happen with one of the thousands of Hoboken Multi-Family buildings in town.  The demand from local investors in [...]

Jersey City Heights Multi Family Homes for sale – New Listings

January 30, 2013 by  
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This past week, Scott Allan of NJ Real Estate Guys just picked up 3 new listings for Jersey City Heights multi-family buildings for sale.  For real estate investors, these are bargains and we will only market from within our network for the first 10 days before publicly listing.  Two of these listings are in the [...]

Cambridge Crossings Update – Sales / Rentals / Inventory

January 27, 2013 by  
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As a former resident of Cambridge Crossings in Clifton, I would like to discuss how that subdivision is performing.  If you are a renter, plan on spending about $2200 to $2700 per month if there are any available.  Seems like Cambridge Crossings is Clifton’s premier community.  What’s to like?  Express bus stop to Port Authority [...]

What’s Hot in NJ Real Estate

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In general, housing is what is hot in the NY metro real estate market.  The wealth effect has krept back into economics and it is now, once again considered that buying a house in today’s market will be a solid investment.  Remember, only a year ago, economists and bloggers were preaching that buying a home [...]

Housing Market will continue to improve for another 2-4 years

January 4, 2013 by  
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With fierce competition in almost every sector of the residential real estate market of Northern NJ, some investors wonder how much longer this can last.  Economists are predicting strong growth for 2-4 years.  In addition to sales volume, construction, prices, GDP as a result, and demand is going to continue to improve at healthy rates.  [...]

New Jersey Flood Insurance – Big Changes Coming

December 20, 2012 by  
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In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, big changes are going to be made in the coming year or two.  Flood maps are being revised to reflect the weather risk to not only low lying areas, but areas that are prone to flood during another potential storm surge.  The devestating results in New Jersey is going [...]

NJ Short Sales – Update on Short Sale Market and Process

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As New Jersey Real Estate Guys continues to roll through our short sale deals, we have a few updates for homeowners looking for some Q & A..  So here is what we have as of just before Christmas. Bank of America – B of A has a difficult learning process for what they want in [...]

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