Need to Short Sell your home fast, effectively, and risk mitigated?

By | May 5, 2020

As many of our readers know, NJREG has a reknown real estate investment firm in Southwest Florida.  Our primary focus, currently, is buying REO and distressed assets for ours and our investors real estate holdings portfolio in New Jersey and the tri-state area.  Located in the Florida market for nearly 10 years, we have made huge strides and adjustments.

As of recent, and after months of efforts, we have launched Cheeves Financial Services (CFS) to NJ, extending the success of our Florida program. CFS is a limited liability company whose primary business is offering a seemless short sale process and solution to homeowners either under water on their mortgage or delinquent to Lis Pendens status.

We assist homeowners in getting immediate answers and solutions from the lender(s).  Our immediate actions quickly trigger the lender into negotiations that provide a far less confusing solution with far less repercussions to your personal financials and credit score.  Ourselves and our attorneys assist in this process WITH you, not necessarily FOR you, something we insist on to achieve comfort level with homeowners and the entire process.  While this process could be time consuming, we take the burden and stress off of you and work together with an attorney (of your choice or ours) to make sure all ends are covered.  Time constraints are far less in 2010 than they were in 2009, a good thing!

An “under-water” mortgage or delinquency can be stressful to you and/or your family.  Give us an opportunity to meet and discuss this seemless process.  There are no listing agreements involved, only quick solutions, favorable to your personal situations.  We have already achieved success with this program at a rate of over 90% in Florida and are now prepared to bring the success to NJ.

Why work with us regarding your Short Sale?

  • Definition of SHORT SALE:  An agreed upon purchase price between homeowner and Lender less the amount of the current principal payoff amount.  Short sales have become the most EFFECTIVE and economical way to sell your home in today’s adjusted housing market.
  • A short sale is far less damaging than a foreclosure.  Short sales could take as little as 1 year to rectify on your credit, where foreclosures can take as long as 7 years.
  • If done correctly, a short sale allows you “Debt Forgiveness”. You may have heard of lenders issuing a 1099 of the difference between your sale amount and your actual payoff amount.  This is simple to take care of.  Primary Homeowners are protected by Debt Forgiveness today.
  • Investor Property?  Ok, so you are not a primary homeowner.  You are subject to the 1099 from the bank.  The good thing about an “Investment Property”?  You have write-offs that primary borrowers do not have.  The 1099 could be tax deductable as a LOSS.
  • We are licensed by the New Jersey and Florida Real Estate Commissions.  We know the laws and in combination with our legal experts, we make this a seemless process for you.
  • We meet personally or have conference calls weekly on an individual basis to discuss progress or problems.

We offer this service in New Jersey and Florida only as those are the markets that we know better than anyone.  We cater more toward the entry level home prices.  Higher Priced homes will be in the near future.