Real Estate Property Tax Fighters

By | March 24, 2018

Real Estate Property Tax Fighters – Due to the current rapid decline in the real estate market, property values are dropping at a rapid rate. Based on our analysis, many property owners in Dade County, Broward County, and Palm Beach County will have the ability to reduce their property tax assessments by filing for an appeal in 2009. This is especially the case if the property does not have a homestead exemption.

Real Estate Property Tax Fighters
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Even if you have recently received (or expect to receive) a reduction by your local property assessor, you may still be over-assessed and, therefore, overpaying.

Real Estate Property Tax Fighters
Real Estate Property Tax Fighters specializes in helping the average homeowner through this process. We service all property owners in Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties. Our low flat fee service is truly unprecedented. Other property tax reduction companies will charge you all kinds of fees (ie: consultation fees, hourly fees, advisor fees, and most important contingency fees). Unlike our competition, if appealing a residential property tax bill, we only charge a flat fee with NO CONTINGENCY FEES!

If you are interested in us handling the residential property appeal process for you in . Our flat fee pricing applies only to residential homes. If you own a multi-family property (ie: duplex, triplex, quad) or commercial property please Sign-Up on our “Commercial Properties ” page.

For a one time payment of $89.00, we will prepare a thorough, professionally analyzed and individually customized Comparative Market Analysis to estimate the value of your home and determine the potential for a successful appeal. If our findings show a legitimate claim you can present this Comparative Market Analysis at the Value Adjustment Board hearing to help argue your case. All comp work is done by experienced real estate professionals, with over 30 years of combined real estate experience throughout South Florida and the rest of the state. If you feel uncomfortable attending the hearing yourself, we can do it for you! Allow one of our specialists to represent you and take the stress and burden of attending the Value Adjustment Hearing off your shoulders.

Reducing Dade County Property Taxes, Broward County Property Taxes, and Palm Beach County Property Taxes starts with reviewing the tax assessed value and many other aspects of information about your property. There are many reasons that Dade County Property Taxes, Broward County Property Taxes, and Palm Beach County Property Tax values can be incorrect: dropping real estate values, condition of property, location of property, high volume of foreclosure in area, incorrect zoning, special exemptions, etc. Get started with our property tax fighting service today and start saving!