Investing in Real Estate For Beginners

Investing in Real Estate For Beginners – If you have got some extra money, you must buy a property. Investing in real estate is the best and safest option. Regardless of what happens, properly prices will rise anyway and you will still make a. profit. Isn’t that’s how people talk about real estate. Unfortunately, that’s… Read More »

Federal Reserve Bank

The Federal Reserve expectedly mentioned Wednesday that the weak economy likely will keep prices in check despite growing concerns that the trillions it pumping into the financial system will ignite inflation.  The central bank said that the pace of the nation economic decline is slowing and that household spending is showing signs of stabilizing, an… Read More »

Glen Ridge Real Estate

Glen Ridge, NJ, bordered by Montclair, Bloomfield, East Orange, and Orange is a higher income real estate market.  With its median household income of over $125,000, Glen Ridge real estate can be a market for luxury housing.  Glen Ridge has a higher property tax base than most others in the county, but as a reward… Read More »

View All Active Listings In Franklin Lakes

View All Active Listings In Franklin Lakes – If you are looking for an unbelievable real estate market, with diverse amenities, look no further. New Jersey Real Estate Guys is proud to introduce you to Franklin Lakes. Franklin Lakes is #22 in Top Earning towns in the United States. With a population of about 11,000,… Read More »

Flipping Real Estate 2020

Flipping Real Estate 2020 – I felt compelled as a real estate investor to write a response to a recent couple of articles I have read.  My practice is in New Jersey and Florida and most of you know my reasons and business ties.  I am a typical residential real estate agent, commercial broker of… Read More »

The Go Zone

The Go Zone – As most real estate investors searching the web for real estate investments, chances are you have run into a term called the Gulf Opportunity Zone Act, aka, the Go Zone. For those that are still researching, the layman term definition for Go Zone is this: The Go Zone is a tax… Read More »

Clifton NJ Real Estate For Sale

Clifton NJ Real Estate For Sale – New Jersey Real Estate Guys assists real estate buyer, sellers, and investors in Clifton, NJ.  When choosing to buy or sell a home, please contact us for an in-home, office, or phone consultation.  Clifton real estate is one of our primary markets. Clifton NJ real estate for sale… Read More »