Highlights From the Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers

In the process of determining your target buyer, you should try to understand the needs and wants of different groups of homebuyers. These needs and wants are dictated by the style of the home, the number of rooms, the size of the lot, and other factors. For example, some home buyers want to live closer… Read More »

Home Design Tips For Creating A Relaxing Environment

Creating a relaxing environment begins with planning. Think about what you enjoy doing in the space. Where can you place your comfortable chair? Place it in an area with lots of natural light and a view you enjoy. If possible, place folding screens across the space to block out unwanted views and redirect foot traffic.… Read More »

The Dos and Don’ts of Real Estate – A Helpful Guide

Before you even consider entering the world of real estate, you should know how to become a good agent. The Dos and Don’ts of real estate include: joining the local Realtor’s Association, coaching a little league team, and getting involved in the community. Being involved in your community will give you exposure that you won’t… Read More »

Features Of A Home That Will Always Sell Fast

First impressions are crucial in selling a home, so make sure to improve the look and feel of the interior and exterior of your home. Keeping the windows and doors white can help the home look and feel larger. Buyers also like to see a home that is move-in ready. In addition to these factors,… Read More »

5 Ways to Refinance Real Estate to Make You Rich

When investing in real estate, you must be patient and have patience to wait until the market is right to sell. While short-term profit is important to cover expenses and build profits, you can also make money from rental income. Most real estate investors immediately rent out the property to tenants. This provides several ways… Read More »

Top Real Estate Tips Every Homebuyer Needs To Know

When buying a house, there are many things you should keep in mind. Here are some of the most common mistakes to avoid: getting a loan without a down payment, not getting a home inspection, and not being aware of closing costs. In addition, 41 percent of homebuyers say they regret not getting a larger… Read More »

Basic Fundamentals of Multifamily Development in SW Florida

Nationwide, the multifamily real estate sector seems to be a dominant food group of the market coming up in meetings, business gatherings, and events.  It’s true, at least in Lee County, Florida.  Rental rates are up from last year, capitalization rates are continuously being suppressed, and there are waiting lists at rental communities.  Replacement cost is catching up with… Read More »

Real Estate Investment – Florida Multifamily

As most of my clients are aware, I am a broker with Cushman & Wakefield – Commercial Property Southwest Florida in Fort Myers.  I specialize in multifamily real estate development, trades, and industrial.  Below is a blog entry from my SW Florida blog I am the author of regarding real estate investment in Southwest Florida. Welcome… Read More »

Hoboken Real Estate Report | Condos |

As the market keeps turning and rolling in Hoboken, so do prices and inventory levels.  For the sixth consecutive month, the Absorption Rate for condos in Hoboken is under two months supply; 1.86 months to be exact.  Most of the inventory is gone before you get a chance to preview it.  The average Days On… Read More »