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Update on Hudson County Real Estate – Sandy Aftermath

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I’ve fielded many calls since last week regarding the state of the Hudson County real estate market, mostly in Jersey City and Hoboken.  The biggest question is “Does Sandy affect transactions to close?” The easy answer is that it DOES affect closings but in most cases will not cancel closings.  All lenders are requiring that [...]

NJ Real Estate Guys Giving Back to Hoboken – Sandy Aftermath

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As most of you know, I was in Florida for business while Hurricane Sandy ravaged our land, flooded our streets, and damaged our buildings.  In a compelled feeling to help, most up north told me to stay in FL because the damage was too much for anyone to do anything.  As the owner of the [...]

Hoboken After Hurricane Sandy

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I am so grateful that there are many people in the Hoboken community that have the means to offer support to their fellow locals.  I’ve taken a look at a few people helping out and noticed the same as Hoboken411.  Near the corner of 11th & Bloomfield, you can see helpful neighbors setting up “charging [...]

Northern NJ Contractors for Rehab After Hurricane Sandy

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For those that remember Hurricane Irene in 2011, home renovations took more time then most people thought simply because of the lack of professional help or knowing which contractor to contact.  Our efforts are to relieve the extensive process and put our fellow NJ residents in touch with a contractor that can repair their homes [...]

Storm Sandy Effects on Northern NJ Housing Market

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Last night as I sat in Florida feeling a sense of selfishness that I wasn’t able to ride things out in the storm, I watched the news, twitter feeds, and spoke to friends and family before calling it a night to save battery.  My first thoughts were for the safety of my friends and family.  [...]

NJ Condo Conversion Process – Multi Family

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As the market continues to heat up, the Condo Conversion concept is one that many investors do not consider simply because they have no experience in it or they believe it is too much of a hassle.  It really isn’t and with the right team, Condo Conversion can be very very lucrative.  About 5 years [...]

Now Serving Monmouth and Ocean County

October 15, 2012 by  
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Jeff Quinlan of Weichert Realtors’ New Jersey Real Estate Guys team is going to be spearheading the housing markets for Ocean and Monmouth County. Jeff is a local real estate specialist who has been in real estate for several years and we are taking Jeff onboard as Housing Director in those areas. New Jersey Real [...]

From Park Slope to Montclair

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For homeowners looking for a city to suburban change, I felt compelled to write about a location comparison and transition that we have seen over the last couple of years.  So far in 2012, we have assisted 3 homeowners who have relocated from Park Slope, Brooklyn and moved to Montclair, NJ.  The sentiment from the [...]

Hoboken Real Estate Report – September 2011

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How many of you are still waiting for a great deal?  You are missing out.  We are in a sellers market big time right now and buyers must realize that buying retail pricepoints will be to their advantage given the amount of inventory and pace of sales.  Currently, there are 147 condos avaialable for sale [...]

Multi Family Income Property Update

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Investors are out in droves looking for Multi Family properties for income.  The problem is there are more investors then there is inventory.  This is naturally helping sellers increase their asking price and driving Cap Rates down.  I cannot stress the importance enough that you need to be working with an experienced Multi Family representative.  [...]

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